President’s job approval the lowest in 77 years

Cristian Juarez Diaz, Reporter

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Two years into Trump’s presidency and a month of the government shutdown has made a deficit in their confidence in Trump. Many Americans have poor attitudes toward Trump’s work regarding issues but yet broadly mistrust opposition as well. According to the journalist, Christine Filer, “Only 35 percent in this ABC News/Washington Post poll express confidence in Trump to make the right decisions for the country’s future; 64 percent don’t trust him in this central task. But it’s no better for the Democrats in Congress: 34-65 percent; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: 30-62 percent; or the Republicans in Congress: 30-69 percent.”

Nearly 48 percent of Americans have no confidence in Trump’s presidential leadership. 37 percent of them say the same about Pelosi, while another 30 percent have no confidence in Republican lawmakers in Congress versus the 29 percent for the Democrats. A poll has been created by Langer Research Association and finds that Trump is underperforming the expectations that he’d had during his first year of being the president. 50 percent expected Trump to do a good job at handling the deficit but only 33 percent say that he is doing a good job.

At the time Clinton’s job approval was 64 percent while Trumps is at 37 percent, the lowest it has been in polls 77 years ago. Majority of people from 56 to 65 percent rate him negatively on having brought change to Washington. Abc journalist Filer quotes, “Having the right personality and temperament for the office, being a good political dealmaker, being honest and trustworthy and understanding the problems of people like them.”

There is also a gender gap of who is in favor of supporting Trump. Reported on Friday, 27 percent of women approve of Trump and his work compared to the 47 percent of men. Filer also states, “87 percent of Republicans expected him to do an excellent or good job on the deficit, 67 percent now think he’s done so, a 20-point gap.”


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