Club rush at CHS was a success

Bianca Roman, Reporter

Club Rush is where students of any grade can have the opportunity to see what types of clubs we have on campus. They are also available to sign up that day for any club that they are interested in. Club Rush took place on August 30th during both lunches. While Club Rush was happening, Link Crew Advisor Micheal Esquivel, played music for the students. Anyway, there were many different clubs students could sign up for. Some clubs that were at Club Rush, for example, were Art Club, Horror Club, Drama, Poly Club, Swim Team, Ted Ed, Renaissance, Chess Club, Lit Book Club and many more. There were also booths for the Class of 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. There were students of all grade levels at every booth signing up to join.

       Some clubs had visuals to show students what their club is about and capture students interest. Some visuals that were very noticeable were the Robotics Club. The club had a handmade robot being controlled as a demonstration. ROTC also had a demonstration of what they do. 

Art Club had poster boards with photographs and artwork. This was to have the students interested. After checking out the Art Club booth and talking to a member of the group, members of the art club informed that the club wasn’t just about drawing. Art Club focuses on anything that is visual arts, for example, photography, sketching, sculpting and many more. Also after speaking with a member of the Poly Club, which is a club that teaches Polynesian dances, the club informed that it helps overcome stage fright if you have that fear. Meaning that students who are trying to overcome that fear can join and learn the Polynesian dances. There is also the Horror club where students watch scary movies that is a perfect club to join if students enjoy scary movies. Club Rush was a great event for anyone who was interested in joining a club but didn’t know that we had the club at CHS.