Chaos in the state of Maryland

Brian Navarro, Reporter

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An 18 year old man by the name of Dekale Bowman has been accused for the murder of 16 year old, Taiyania Thompson, in Washington in January. Thompson was shot inside an apartment on the 1000 block of Mt. Oliver Road Northeast, on January 25. She died 3 days later at the hospital on January 28th. He has mistakenly been released from jail last week after an incident with Grand Theft Auto.

Just last Wednesday, he was driven to Maryland to answer some security questions on the charges placed on the stolen vehicle. The next day, he was released on bond at a set price of 2,600 dollars. He was then issued a warrant of Thompson. He failed to show up to court and is still at large on the run. Jail officials said they found no warrants at the time of his release which is where the mistake was made. He was released and this caused chaos in the state of Maryland.

A witness reports says that Bowman has claimed that shooting and killing was an accident. A police report also claims that the two had been dating 8 months prior to the incident. Thompson’s grandmother has also stated that this wasn’t the first she had witnessed something of this severity. With Bowman still at large, we pray that he is found and dealt with accordingly..

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