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Migrants on caravan demand entry into America

Brian Navarro, Reporter

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After a month long journey through Mexico, Central Americans arrived to the United States-Mexican border on Caravan. All of the migrants made it on their last breath and they would not leave until they would be granted approval and asylum to enter the nation. The large number of people on Caravan became the bigger issue because the situation got out of hand. Port and border patrol was not ready for this. Migrants vowed to remain outside until all of them are admitted into the nation. Seeing 100 get admitted to the migrant program, they were all given hope in waiting for their turn. The migrants travel looking for a better life for them and their families. The caravan traveling was a symbol of activism and humanitarianism. They are tired of living in poverty in Guatemala and Mexico City. This caravan trip became memorable due to the amount of attention they attracted from the United States Government and also from President Trump’s controversial tweets. Trump encourages for Mexico to break the caravans because he would not allow them entry. Homeland Security has strict policy in allowing anyone in after what Trump has demanded. Most of the people seeking asylum from past years have also been denied, the case here doesn’t seem much different.

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Migrants on caravan demand entry into America