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Californian Families and Homes Destroyed by Mudslides

Brian Navarro, Reporter

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California has just suffered through a series of wildfires, but the suffrage is not over yet. With the opposite of fire making an impact on California. As a storm hits Cali, several homes and communities suffer from mudslides. With rain rumbling through various cities in California, at least 17 people have been killed, officials said, the number can still rise. The natural disaster has left some in critical condition and others trapped in their home with no clear way out.

There is good news amist of all the disparity, 8 people who have been reported missing have been found (according to Santa Barbara county). Officials have also said that fewer homes had been destroyed than initially believed, but far more have been reported to be damaged. Santa Barbara authorities said 65 homes had been destroyed, down from the 100 homes they reported the night before. Another 446 homes were damaged, from an estimate of 300 initially. After the storm people say the ravage made their cities look apocalyptic. Several hundred people had to be rescued and evacuated, some were even airlifted. Families have been swept away. Young children have been saved by first responders and a very thoughtful prayer. Churches even became shelters for the thousands of evacuees, who may be left without a home for a long period of time. Thousands were also left without electricity.

The blaze previously was to blame for the concurrent mudslides. California has become a staple of destruction by mother nature. The sound of the mudslides made it even difficult to process and hear what is going on.

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Californian Families and Homes Destroyed by Mudslides