Denise Diaz has plans for the class of 2023

The senior class president shares about her hopes and dreams for her final year in high school


Courtesy Denise Diaz

Senior Class President Denise Diaz is excited to make this senior year truly memorable.

When it comes to Denise Diaz, it seems there is nothing of which she is not capable. Her resume speaks volumes:

Class of 2023 senior class president. President of the National Honors Society. Graduate of the Majority Leader Eloise Reyes Young Legislators Program. Varsity cheer captain. Winner of the All-American title at USA Cheer Camp.

This impressive list will only continue to grow.

Diaz at the Young Legislators event in Colton in 2022. (Courtesy Denise Diaz)

With Senior Sunrise scheduled for August 12, Diaz and the senior class have their first opportunity to shine. “I’m excited and appreciative to be a part of the planning of the senior activities process,” she shared. She is “thankful that my senior class has put the planning of their last year at Colton High in her hands” and she won’t let them down.

Diaz couldn’t be more thankful for the rest of the senior class ASB members. “Without them these events wouldn’t be possible.”

Since the start of the school year, Diaz has been taking action, challenging herself to make a “fun event-filled senior year,” and searching for ways she can plan the most senior activities, especially considering the time and cost.

Her main focus is to take it a day at a time, “innovating the quality over quantity for those events.” It would make her senior year the absolute best, “if everyone enjoys the things she plans and has a good time. I take other people’s enjoyment as a confidence boost.” 

While Diaz is laser-focused on planning a remarkable year for the senior class, she is also thinking about her own dreams. One of her biggest dreams right now is traveling to London to cheer with other young girls chosen for the All-American title to represent the United States. 

Diaz serves CHS as captain of the cheer squad. (Courtesy Denise Diaz)

Last year, Diaz was also invited to participate in the USA Cheer event trip to Hawaii for Pearl Harbor Day, but she was not able to attend due to the cost of the trip since USA Cheer does not fund the cost of attending. Determined not to let this happen again, Diaz has set up a Go Fund Me site to solicit donations to pay for travel expenses. 

After high school, Diaz plans on attending San Diego State to study event management. “Not birthday parties!” she clarifies, “Emphasis on not birthday parties; my potential will not stop there.” She is interested in planning events at corporate levels. Being class president has prepared her for her future with all the practice, planning, and organizing it requires. 

But that is in the future. Right here, right now, Diaz is passionate about making this senior year memorable for the class of 2023. She wants to leave her mark through “a great level of work” and set the bar for future graduating classes.

“High school is a place for yourself to grow,” she said, “but at the end of the day go to every activity—big or small—and make the most of it.”