The Story of the Shadow Man

Gabriela Gonzalez, Reporter

     The Shadow Man is not a haunted place. It is not a hotel or a haunted house like all of my stores. This story is different. This story is gonna be about Corey Scherer, A YouTuber. He was haunted his whole childhood and life with the Shadow man. When I mean his friend Sam Golbach, Colby Brock and Jake Webber went to Corey Scherer hometown/city which is Miami Florida. Before I go into what his friends did I’m gonna tell how Corey Scherer got haunted by the shadow man. It all started when he was 15 or 16 years old. His friend went to pick him up (he was home alone) . He went back to his room to grab a CDs because they used to listen to CDs back then. As he turned the corner it’s for a split second he put his hands up because there was somebody there walking in the hallway, turning at the same time he thought someone was about to run into him so he said “oh I’m sorry mom” because for a split second he thought it was his mom. His eyes were closed for like 2 second after he opened his and there was no one in the house but then until it hit him and he realized what he saw. He said “ I saw it was like a tall guy wearing a top hat and a Cain and over the years it turned out it was the shadow man I got to the point now that when the whole gang was in London and his little brother texted him at two in the morning saying that he sees a tall black figure with a hat and a cane in the corner of his room his brother was 15 years old he was the same age as Corey Scherer when he saw the Shadow man. So what his friends say is that they took him to go see a professional and to give them advice of what they should do once they went back to Corey Scherer hometown and they took out the same Ouija board that he used when all that started. But you guys don’t know that he never touches a Ouija board because he is scared of them. So what they were doing is they were communicating with the shadow man and it did not go as planned. What I mean by that is that there were things moving around and they got so scared that they ran out because they didn’t experience stuff like that. Until this day we still don’t know if the shadow man is still in his life.