Colton High School Senior, Daisy Gomez, discusses how her high school experience has gone

Tiffany Sandoval, Reporter

Daisy Gomez is a senior at Colton High School. I was curious to see the perspective of another student and here are her responses. So far, Daisy feels like her senior year is very surreal; everything is going so fast and she feels like everyday is just getting closer to the end.  At this point, she is just going with the flow. 

One of the most challenging tasks as a senior is thinking about what you’re going to do next. She has an idea but the pressure of what to do next is what frightens her. In the next ten years she would like to be happy, having a good profession, and living by the beach with a dog by her side. 

She will remember highschool because to her it has impacted her for the better. She will cherish all of the friendships that she was able to create, and the memories and advice a certain teacher gave her. The advice being why he recommended her for his AP class knowing perfectly well that she had an F. He told her, “That letter grade is not a measure of your intelligence.” That simple sentence made her believe in herself and is why she continues to take the course. 

I then asked if she could give a summary of her highschool years. She simply talked about how shy she was and opening up opened doors, but it was too late by then. She would also take it more seriously. 

All in all, she feels like she got the highschool experience of being a teenager doing teenage things. She said herself that it went from the cliche stuff to the unexpected experiences too; so, it’s safe to say that she did get the most out of the high school experience. Hopefully she will continue to do so until the very last day. Something that stops her, though, is how she is waiting for the moment of ultimate satisfaction, the moment where she does not regret anything she’s done, and to come to terms with who she is. By accepting this, it would make the process a lot easier. Overall, by the end of senior year she hopes to become the best version of herself and have even stronger bonds with people, and just be a happier person in general.