How to increase your SAT scores

Rachel Garcia, Reporter

Students should take the opportunity to use the resources that are given to them. Many teenagers in other cities don’t get to have a free and effective SAT preparatory class after school to help them better their education. CHS is fortunate enough to provide this for any student interested in improving their overall score on their standardized test. It helps students understand what they forgot how to do and it can help students learn how to solve problems that are created to trick you. The popular phrase “practice makes perfect” is one hundred percent true since practicing how to analyze a word phrase is a key to understanding how to solve a problem.

Many students in high school believe that you can’t study for standardized tests like the SAT but in reality, you can train your brain to remember how to solve certain questions even when its phrased differently every single time. What many people don’t know is that you plug in answers from math questions from ‘C’ and if the outcome is too much then try ‘A-B’ and vise versa. The tests are set up so that students overthink what they’re reading in order for them to retake the test and study more. The class is a huge motivator for students to study within an environment that has more than one person in order to have a huge collaboration. This class is free and even provides students with free practice tests.

The practice tests provide the right and wrong answers to the test. This is very essential for students to learn what they can and don’t have to improve on in order to make their test scores increase. Students shouldn’t take what they are given for granted especially if it will help benefit you in the long run.