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Junior Alexia Barajas shines as National Honor Society member

Jinger Haberbush, Reporter

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Honors Society is full of successful students, creating a very educational and positive attitude towards everyone within the school. Honors Society is meant to show your greatest achievements and to help achieve your greatest goals in life. Many people are involved within Honors Society, and hopefully will inspire more students to attend Honors Society.

Alexia Barajas, a junior in the Honors Society at Colton High, is full of academic achievements and is very proud of her achievements. She is a great example of what the Honors Society is all about: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Barajas’ GPA is outstanding, going from a 3.0 to a 4.0. She dedicates herself to her grades. She is a very determined person that wants to create her future to be a bright one, such as getting into UCLA to pursue her career as a comic book editor. She says, “I want to make my future an excellent one, and Honors Society made my high school experience great.”

Barajas has made the best possible high school experience being involved with Avid, Honors Society, etc. She is involved with many Honors and AP classes, and is very interested in Art. Honors Society has chosen her to be a member because of this, with her great academic abilities and her dedication to be the best she can be. She quotes, “I have been working really hard to be my greatest, and have many academic achievements I couldn’t be more proud of.”

Honors Society is full of excellent students that are just like Barajas; they are dedicated to their future and will do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams. Honors Society appeals greatly to universities and colleges, giving her a chance for her perfect future.

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Junior Alexia Barajas shines as National Honor Society member