Cage the Elephant holds up their reputation of great alternative rock with their new album Social Cues

Isaiah Valadez, Reporter

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Will their reputation of the great alternative rock sound hold up? Cage The Elephant just released their new album “Social Cues.” Their fifth album that  was released after a 5 year hiatus. The album has 13 songs ranging from some new rock n’ roll favorites to heartbreak ballads. The creativity shown in their songs takes the band’s concepts of individuality and combines it with soul, taking their music to another level. Cage the Elephant’s alternative/indie rock style can sometimes be compared to others but it’s mostly based on opinions; but, it’s clear to see they have their own sound and it’s original to them as well as their fans which is a factor to them having a lot of success with their music.

Going on tour this summer alongside Spoon and Beck, introduces the new collab with Beck on Cage the Elephant’s new song “Night Ride.” This song is already a fan favorite to many. Another fan favorite is the song “Goodbye,” the track opens with a piano intro as Matt Schultz, who is the lead singer in the band, sings the lyrics “All my life I read between the lines held on to tight, You know I tried but in the end it left me paralyzed it’s all right, Goodbye, Goodbye. Seems like yesterday, I was a child just a ripple in the folds of time I wish you well, I want to see you smile it’s all right, Goodbye, Goodbye.” Many seem to look deeper into the lyric’s meaning as fans usually do with songs to find a sort of resemblance. After all artist usually write the songs that relate to their fans such as with “Goodbye.” Most seem to relate to the beginning lyrics feeling like the lyrics speak to them in a way that they’ve dealt with situations like that before. By that I mean the skill of maybe trying too hard, if that’s what the song is suggesting. The album is a bit different from the last, many pointed that out saying it takes a different direction from the previous albums coming off simply more pop utilizing sounds similar to 80s synth.

Another song people are seeming to enjoy is the album’s opener, “Broken Boy,” which is a big hype up and a sort of energy booster as Schultz speaks from past experiences stating, “I was born on the wrong side of the train tracks” which fans can relate to as well. Overall the album is pretty great, Cage the Elephant has proven itself to hold up their legacy of sweet, intense, loving, and energetic music. It’s true the final word spoken in the album is the word, “Goodbye.” It would simply be horrible to see this as the bands closing, but by the looks of it they don’t seem like they’re going to stop what we love anytime soon.


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