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Colton Vibe – Sep. 4, 2023

Time to take a “guided tour” through the many eras of Taylor Swift
J. Dollins
Taylor Swift’s legacy career has seen her go through multiple eras. On this week’s Vibe, we check out the highlights!

For over a decade, Taylor Swift has captured the attention of her millions of fans through her ability to shapeshift along with the music industry. 

This year, she released her newest album “Midnights,” which left everyone in shock because of how different it is from her other albums. 

And then she set records with her “Eras Tour” in support of the new album. Fans fought for tickets online, some paying upwards to $33,000 for the chance to see Taylor live.

In honor of Taylor Swift’s historic year, we celebrate her different eras with this Colton Vibe playlist. 


“Tim McGraw” – Taylor Swift (2006)

Taylor’s first era gave her the nickname “America’s Sweetheart.”

It was 2006, and her self-titled debut album was an immediate hit, eventually selling over seven million copies. 

And part of that success was due to the song “Tim Mcgraw,” her appreciation of one of country music’s biggest legends. 

The album put the 16-year old on the world stage as she made a name for herself with her songs about  heartbreak, love and all things high school.

But you can’t talk about Taylor’s eras without mentioning her style. For her 2006 era, she rocked the “country glam” with cowboy boots, blond curls and a country twang, making her the embodiment of the All-American girl stereotype. 

“Fifteen” – Fearless (2008)

Swift’s second album “Fearless” in 2008 picked up where she left off on her first. Only bigger. She sold 10 million copies of the record, and went on to win several awards for her work.

This included an iconic moment when Taylor won the MTV Video Music Award for “You Belong With Me,” taking the top prize in what seemed like an upset over the favorite Beyonce and her video for “All The Single Ladies.”

At that awards show, while Taylor received her award, rapper Kanye West rushed the stage, grabbed the mic and ruined the moment in a cultural moment that was burned into memories.  

But it didn’t overshadow the album itself, which featured the hit “Fifteen,” in which Taylor sang about growing up and hitting that 15-year age, coming into high school and dealing with all of her experiences. 

For this era, her style was ballgowns, a corset bodice, and tulle-skirts. She was a fairy tale princess.

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – Red (2012)

It didn’t matter that by 2012, almost no one was buying CDs anymore. Taylor Swift still sold over seven million copies of “Red.” And that had a lot to do with her classic song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

The song was a departure from the country sounds on her previous albums. For “Red,” Taylor started collaborating with pop producers like Max Martin and Shellback. They pushed her away from country, and that can be heard on “Never Ever” with its synthesizers and spoken word bridge.

Her style for this 2012 era was vintage, including stripes, polka dots, high waisted shorts and her iconic red lipstick.

“Look What You Made Me Do” – Reputation (2017)

Taylor made her big move to pop on her 2014 album “1989.” It is considered a landmark pop album, right up there with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or “21” by Adele. 

But her more interesting era was a couple years later with her album “Reputation,” which gave her another big hit, “Look What You Made Me Do” in 2017.

After a year away from the public, this was Taylor’s comeback song. That disappearing act had a lot to do with fallout from her complicated relationship with Kanye West, and eventually Kanye’s then-wife, Kim Kardashian. 

Looking back at the West drama, it’s easy to see why this is considered Taylor’s “comeback era.”

The moody look for this album was dark lipstick, black body suits and snake motifs. 

“Lover” – Lover (2019) 

After the dark anger of “Reputation,” Taylor released “Lover” in 2019. This was the “rainbow after the storm” aesthetic everyone was waiting for. 

On the song “Lover,” Taylor tells a simple and beautiful love story. And the album isn’t much different. It’s a happy listen.

For this era, Taylor rocked “basically every color of the rainbow” including the bright colors as she sought to support the LGBTQ community and express a new her. 

Anti-Hero – Midnights 

Like all of Taylor’s albums, her most recent “Midnights” has been a hit; yet, it is very different from her others. It’s an album obsessed with her insecurities and anxieties. She has shared in multiple interviews that she wrote this album because of her challenges sleeping.

She shares that “Anti-Hero” is a “guided tour” of all the things she tends to hate about herself. The lyrics refer to a lot of anxiety, depression and self loathing, which are big topics for Taylor. She then talks about her insecurities and how she needs to grow as a person.

For this era’s style in this album, Taylor has embraced sequins and old Hollywood glamour mixed with 70s disco.

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