Clothing line may be a joke, but not for everyone

Misael Terriquez, Pepper Bough Staff Writer

Danny Duncan is a popular YouTuber whose channel is based on jokes and pranks. He released a popular clothing line brand that has been seen on the school campus called “Virginity Rocks.”

Duncan himself has said that he is not a virgin, and actually made it as a joke. However, he says he’s happy that people are wearing it with a pure heart.

Those with a pure heart have no intention of making a joke, but are actually claiming: “Virginity Rocks!”. 

In the New York Times piece, “American Teenagers Are Declaring ‘Virginity Rocks’,” we learn teenagers in Missouri, Oregon, and Wisconsin were suspended for wearing these clothes. 

Some parents were even outraged that the schools were not letting students bear the positive messages of pro-abstinence.

What does Colton High think about the “Virginity Rocks” clothing line? Well, most think it’s a funny and unharmful joke about pro-abstinence. 

But some people wear this clothing line with pride in their sexual position. They state proudly that virginity actually does rock. 

This clothing line has been a major issue in some schools across the country because they don’t know what position to take in regards to to. Should they be pro-abstinence, or should they ban it because they don’t want kids to think about sex?

Here at this school, Colton takes pride in the fact that we’re all different, we have different beliefs, different heights, and different hair.

As a generation, we are becoming more and more sex-positive,  partly due to our influences. We are always being exposed to the ideas of social media influencers or celebrities. Consider the song “WAP,” by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. This song is the presence of where our generation is headed, with doing drugs and having sex now looked like a positive, there’s not really any room for “Hey, ‘Virginity Rocks!'” 

Our administration needs to keep up with our generation so they could keep up and have an idea of what goes on in our everyday lives.

For me, “Virginity Rocks” means writing your own story as different in a world where everyone is trying to fit in with each other. 

“Virginity Rocks” doesn’t just bear a pro-abstinence message; it also says being different is okay.