Senior Wallets Hit Once Again

Kimberly Hernandez, Staff Writer

Is spending too much money on our senior year really worth it? You might want everything from your class ring to your yearbook. We all know money doesn’t grow on trees, to be having everything we desire, but there are things that are worth spending those extra bucks on.

Many seniors want it all–their personalized ring to remember what they have accomplished during their high school years; the year book that includes a portrait of their classmates. You can always get your ring later in your life, it’s not always a now thing.

Senior year is the most important year to remember; therefore, getting the big, memorable items is a nice way of remembering every struggle and accomplishment you have gone through, as well as all the work we have done and fought through to get where we are today.

But not everything is necessary; for example, the senior sports bottle, Eventually the words will wear off; it would be a waste of your $15. Purchasing a class ring can be the most expensive; price range from $89.95 to $539.95, but prices can grow beyond that due to your own personalization. The expense is worth the memories; it gives you the opportunity to attend the ring ceremony and share a wonderful moment with your family.

Prom and Grad Night add another $200 to the list, but those are special nights no one wants to miss. Both are events every student should participate in and enjoy.

As for the others who just want selected items, like their cap and gown, a sweater representing your class year, panorama picture and a senior brunch ticket would be a budget cut but you’ll miss out on ever-lasting memories.

In the end the prices are always higher than we imagined, but we know it’s not money getting thrown away; it’s memories being purchased to keep and cherish for as long as we live.