What graphic card offers bang for buck?

Jaren Phipps, Reporter

There are a lot of graphic cards but do you know which is best for you? You have the 900 series cards that are cheap but probably is a bad idea to get because they are really quickly becoming outdated, or if you have way too much discretionary income you could go for super high end cards like the Titan X or the 1080 ti. The question is: “What do I get for the best price?” I’m only taking a small portion of video cards but these are the most common and the best candidates for it. The 1060 card, the 1070 card, and the 1080 card. I will be comparing each of these cards and telling you which one is the best bang for buck.

Starting with the 1060, I’ll compare frame rates with different games. In the ever so popular Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) the 1060 averaged about 300 to 350 frames per second and the lowest it went was 48.6 frames per second on the highest settings. In another very popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds (PUBG) with the highest settings the 1060 got an average of 55-60 fps with the lowest getting to 41 fps which is still impressive for the game. The last game is Destiny 2 on max graphics which the 1060 averaged about 80-85 fps and never dropping under 70 fps which is very impressive. The price for a 1060 is only $270 which is very good for a video card.

Now for the 1070. In CS:GO it averaged about 400 fps only dropping down to 64 fps when going through high intensity situations. In PUBG it averaged about 85-90 fps dropping to the lowest of 69 fps. In Destiny 2 the average 100 fps dropping to 90 fps very rarely. The price for a 1070 is $450-500  which is also really good for the power you get.

Lastly the 1080. In CS:GO is averaged about 450 fps only dropping to 105 fps on the high intensity situations. In PUBG it averaged about 100 fps dropping to the lowest of 70 fps. In Destiny 2 the average is 120 dropping to the lowest of 91 fps. The price though for the 1080 is about $650-700. Way more than the 1070 for only a bit more power.

In my opinion the 1070 is the best card to get. It offers great performance for a good price.