Tech Nightmares

Michael Silva

Have you ever had a point in your life where no matter how hard you tried technology and people just didn’t work in your favor. Well my story tells that when we talk about this whole social distancing programand everyday stay at home with my parents while schooling. Talking to my dad and my teachers though technology has been one of the most difficult things to deal with in my life. I thought high school was supposed to be the best four years of my life. 


Due to social distancing and doing school at home the start of my high school life has been nothing but headaches and depressing emotionally. Since the start of my freshman year I experienced the problems of not being seen for my class. My problems with my computer was a big issue because  half of the language was translated into french. This issue was fixed while in Ms. Martinez’s class a month and a half into the school year. My attendance was traded in place of the problem that was fixed. After numerous calls to my dad about my attendance I received punishment like any other kid probably would get. All electronics and privileges taken away. 


Time passed and a meeting with the principal was scheduled. The meeting did not go well and my dad as ever as well as the principal seemed disappointed in me.The problems were not solved but they were brought up to be fixed by IT technicians and my attendance was still suffering. Assignments were missing all across my class that I thought were being turned in my understanding of how the chrome book works. My whole first quarter of high led to failing grades in all classes and so trouble at home. My dad had several phone calls from the teacher and from the school about my progress in school which I know was not good but I kept trying. Letters came from the district stating I would be dropped from school if this continued for me. 


Finally something went right after my dad readdressed the situation that was going on because nothing seemed right. We finally talked to an IT technician that solved the problem and I am now being seen in classes and hope my assignments get accepted this time around. The problem of the social distancing program with the school has been so traumatising for me but I hope that no other student goes through the same problems I had. Some advice for these students that are going through the same problems, don’t quit.