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Nokia’s new phone is a throwback

Joshua Sandoval, Reporter

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First we had bricks as phones. Then phones that could flip. Now we have smart phones that seem to do everything. So where can we go from there? Well, it seems back to bricks with Nokia.
Nokia has announced its new 3310: Nokia and it is……. special. Nokia is known for its extremely durable first gen phones, even now the Nokia window phones are able to stop bullets. So instead of upgrading, they’re bringing it back to a simpler model.
Looking at the phone will make anyone picture their grandma using it. It’s really no different than a smartphone today though. No, there are no touchscreens and probably no big games coming out on it, but there will be apps like every other phone has today. The only difference is a physical keyboard.
Why are they doing this? Well, there’s not much you can do to phones these days considering they can do practically everything. So as stated earlier, they just wanted to make things simple. And in this complex day and age, is it really such a bad thing?

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Nokia’s new phone is a throwback