Colton Vibe – Songs of the Week – April 21

It’s National Stress Awareness Month. We have a slate of songs to help you momentarily deal with the madness.


J. Dollins

April is Stress Awareness Month, and we have some tunes to help you deal with yours. Featured: Kali Uchis, Lana Del Rey, Son Volt, Califanes, DPR IAN, and Junior H.

Elizabeth Hernandez, Pepper Bough Staff Writer

As the school year seems to be racing towards its conclusion, the looming deadlines, tests, and seismic fourth quarter moments bring with them a volcanic amount of stress. Sometimes it probably seems like there is no end to the stress.

While we here at the Pepper Bough can’t do much to take away your stress, we can offer some tiny diversions. April is National Stress Awareness Month, so what better way to get relaxed than popping in the airpods and chilling out to some great music. 

This week’s Colton Vibe can’t solve all your problems, but it can give you a little peace. Sometimes that’s all we need.


“Afuera” – Caifanes

Stress puts you down, but you can always get back up. “Afuera,” from Mexico City rockers Caifanes, is about the hardships around us. This song brings out the feelings you get when you just got a pep talk and have found the motivation you need to get back up. Once you get into the song, you understand that appreciating yourself is motivating and helps us take care of each other.


“Zombie Pop” – DPR Ian (유바롬)

Christian Yu, who goes by the stage name DPR Ian, may know a thing or two about finding escape from a chaotic world. The Korean-born performer got his start with a metal band, went left his home country to go to college in Australia, then returned home where he became a K-Pop star. No doubt, he understands stress. Sometimes stress makes you just want to run into your mind and forget the world surrounding you. This song is about wanting to leave the world and run into your mind, only to rediscover how beauty can still be found in the darkness.


“Radio” – Lana Del Rey

Since her emergence on the indie pop scene, Lana Del Rey has been nothing short of confident. Even in her most vulnerable, confessional songs, she exudes a resilience that is inspiring. On “Radio,” from her album “Born to Die,” she is resolved that no one can bring her down. She’s resolute that we can accomplish our dreams.The song helps listeners think “Maybe I can be successful.”


“Tomorrow” – Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis is no stranger to hard work, no matter how stressful it might be. The R&B singer  finds motivation in her need to survive on “Tomorrow.” The song addresses her upbringing as a child of Colombian immigrants. She divided time between going to school in the U.S. and going back to Colombia to be with her relatives. On “Tomorrow,” she talks about her family needing money and how she had to work at a young age. It leaves an important message to listeners which is working hard to survive and doing whatever it takes to be able to do so.


“Mente Positiva” – Junior H

When your life is occasionally threatened, it is always best to remain positive. On “Mente Positiva,” Mexican hip-hop artist Junior H wants us to understand the world will always have good and bad things. There is someone that will take care of him, but there is also someone that wants to kill him. I think Junior H is sending out an inspirational message that we should always think about the good things in life. If you know bad things might happen to you, it is definitely stress-relieving to realize that there are still many good things to focus on.


“Windfall” – Son Volt

“May the wind take your troubles away,” sings Son Volt lead singer Jay Farrar on this classic 1990s alt-country song about a healing cross-country drive. Our troubles definitely hurt, but sometimes the best way to deal with them is to roll down the windows, turn up the car stereo, and let the road put some space between us and them.