Art the Clown returns in the gory, funny ‘Terrifier 2’

The killer clown movie is a wild, albeit narratively confusing, piece of gory horror filmmaking


Courtesy Cinedign Pictures

Art the Clown brings the chills and the chuckles in “Terrifier 2.”

As an exciting sequel to 2016’s “Terrifier,” director Damien Leone brings back Art the Clown once again to terrorize the people of Miles County. Uncanny, brutal, and somewhat confusing, “Terrifier 2” does its job as a gory slasher that will have you wishing you never ate before watching.

The sequel picks up right where the first left off, wasting no time for Art to get back to business.

“Terrifier 2” centers around teenager Sienna Shaw (Lauren LaVera) and her younger Brother, Jonathan (Elliot Fullam). Sienna finds her dreams haunted by Art the Clown after her brother expresses his desire to dress as the killer clown for Halloween. Following a series of supernatural events, Sienna and her brother slowly begin to see through the facade of Art’s “absence” from the world. 

Their suspicions become true as Art finally makes his appearance and begins to stalk Sienna and Jonathan. Whilst doing so, we can see that Art did not lose a step. If anything he is even more hilarious in this film, continuing to perform his acts as a clown in a Halloween costume store, making Sienna mortified to even look his way. 

As you can expect, the fun is barely beginning for Art the Clown; we’ll leave the rest for you to watch for yourself. 

On the writing aspect, I do believe that this movie lacks in this area. It’s pretty obvious that writer/director Damian Leone is trying to make up for the lack of story in “Terrifier” (2016), but all he does here is create a pile of unnecessary plot holes. 

The movie totals nine gruesome murderous acts done with respective creativity and mannerisms that promote subtle comedy in which you have no choice but to giggle.