Colton High “Fact of the Day” – Mar. 16


Students line up to purchase the 1983-84 Crimson & Gold yearbook. Featured from left: Dolly Jimenez, Gina Zamudio, Toni Jimenez, and Vicky Aboytes

Colton High School opened in 1895. It is one of the oldest high schools in the Inland Empire. In this daily feature, we celebrate Colton High’s rich history.

The Pepper Bough reported an increase in sales for the 1983 Crimson & Gold yearbook on November 18, 1983. Reporter Pam Farson led with “Both staff and adviser believe this 1983-84 yearbook will be one of the best this school has ever seen.”

Nancy Graham took over advising the yearbook that year in her first year of teaching at CHS. “The students and staff are super,” she said.

In October that year, the yearbook staff promoted the Crimson & Gold by holding an assembly in which they should a short film featuring several of the school’s activities.

Yearbooks in 1983 cost $19, and increased to $25.

If you are interested in ordering this year’s Crimson & Gold, you can do so online through April 23. The price is $95.