Colton High “Fact of the Day” – Sept. 7


The Colton High Pepper Bough Staff of 1950 enjoys going through their papers.

Colton High School opened in 1895. It is one of the oldest high schools in the Inland Empire. In this daily feature, we celebrate Colton High’s rich history.

As the Pepper Bough has been gaining more popularity in recent weeks, let’s look back at the Pepper Bough class of 1950 and what they accomplished.

On June 7, 1950, 18 journalists joined the Quill & Scroll Club after meeting requirements for membership. This included having to publish a minimum of 250 column inches in a print newspaper. A column inch is a unit of measurement in newspapers that adds up the literal number of printed column inches attributed to a writer.

Additionally, students needed to be voted in by both the CHS club as well as the National club after sending in their qualifying column inches.

Of the 18 students selected for membership, one student with the most column inches was Jerry Kraft, who published 679 column inches in 1950. 

The first president of the Quill & Scroll was Pepper Bough editor Jean Holmquist, with Vice-President being Marlene Quinn.

The Quill & Scroll International Honors society was established in 1926 at the University of Iowa by famous pollster George Gallup. Their purpose was to honor student achievement in journalism.