Colton High “Fact of the Day” – Dec. 13


Senior Victoria Molner is caught at home in 1994, blowing bubbles as she talks on the phone.

Colton High School opened in 1895. It is one of the oldest high schools in the Inland Empire. In this daily feature, we celebrate Colton High’s rich history.

In 1994, the Crimson & Gold ran a silly photo spread about the laziness of Colton’s teenagers. Called “Obsessed with TV and Food,” it shared the lifestyle of several Colton students, like Susie Diaz, who “could eat and talk on the phone at the same time.”

Monica Sanchez, a sophomore at the time, was recorded as saying, “You don’t have to do any kind of work when you become a couch potato.”

Back in 1994, the number of entertainment options was definitely more limited than today. However, the home lives of students were just as lazy and sedentary as they are now.