Colton Vibe – Songs of the Week – Feb. 14, 2023

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means love songs! Elizabeth Hernandez has a few Spanish language corridos that explore the fullness of love


J. Dollins

Valentine’s Day 2023

Today is Valentine’s Day, and what better to get people into the mood for love than music. And no genre of music does a better job at expressing the deepest emotions of the heart than Spanish music. 

Here are some Spanish songs to get you in the mood for love today.


“Te Encontre” – Ulices Chaidez y Eslabon Armado

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all types of love. “Te Encontre” is about finding love and a new reason for happiness. This song brings out the feelings you get when you are dating someone and they are all you can think about. Once you get into the song, you hear how being with their lover gives them this unexpected happiness and the desire to cling to them.


“Amigos” – Juanes

Sure, Valentine’s Day is about those butterfly feelings of new love, but it isn’t just about that. Friends are the foundation of love, and they need credit for the love they give. This song is  about thanking your friends for being there for you and the journey you experienced together. The song mentions how your friends accompany you in your solitude and when you’re down. It shows that there are very few friends that will be there for you, so the ones that stick around deserve to be appreciated.


“La Casita” – Banda MS

“La Casita” is a reminder about the love of family. The song is about working hard everyday so that you can live happily with your family. It also mentions how all that hard work is worth it because you are with family and you can enjoy everything with them. This is a great example of love with family.


“Todo Pasa” – Carla Morrison

Self-love is about appreciating ourselves and that is a long journey. “Todo Pasa” is a great example about the long journey to get there. The song talks about being tired and how we need a break and how the world feels like it is ending. But we have to understand that life is a process and everyone will make goals and there will be things in your way of journey.


“Amor Eterno” – Rocio Durcal

While Valentine’s Day is a day about love, that love doesn’t die with its object.  “Amor Eterno” is about loving a person forever even if they are not physically there. When you are listening to this song, you will come to realize that love does not end with death because it will simply become an eternal love.