Colton Vibe – Songs of the Week – Dec. 2, 2022

The World Cup takes the international center stage in Qatar, so we take a listen to the official songs of this year’s games


J. Dollins, FIFA

The World Cup has arrived in Qatar, and with it comes the official soundtrack. In this week’s Colton Vibe we take a look at those songs.

From November 20 until December 18, the world’s eyes will be turned to Qatar, an oasis in the desert where soccer players from around the globe will be competing in the World Cup. We’ve already been treated to a host of incredible matches between proud countries, inspiring national pride and a healthy competitive spirit.

The World Cup is about much more than soccer. 

It is about the unity of people. Like the Olympic Games, it brings together nations around their mutual love for the world’s most popular sport. It also unifies people through music. 

More than 100 million people watch the World Cup, and every four years fans are treated to a soundtrack of international music inspired by the games.

This week on the Colton Vibe, let’s take a look at Qatar’s official soundtrack.


“Hayya Hayya” – Trinidad Cardona, Davido, and Aisha
“Hayya Hayya” makes use of the dedication of training and how it was such a long route to get to the World Cup. ”Hayya Hayya” is a song about how hard the long road is, but it is better together. The fans will be there to show their support.


“Arhbo” – Ozuna featuring GIMS
As can be seen, World Cup fans are always cheering for their teams no matter where they are. “Arhbo” (Welcome) is about fans cheering continuously with people uniting to do the same. And make memories of the dedication and support that was given.


“Light the Sky” – Rahma, Balqees, Nora and Manal
“Light the Sky” brings energy by putting to picture the similar celebration of the World Cup by telling us “to shout with you with me.” It helps share the feeling of a fan by shouting and dreaming about the future.


“Dreamers” – Fahad Al Kubaisi and Jung Kook (BTS)
The World Cup is about the spirit and the desire to take hold of that trophy. “Dreamers” is about wanting to win the trophy and being passionate to have it in our hands. The song helps us understand how a dream can bring unity by including artists from diverse backgrounds.


“Tukoh Taka” – Nicki Minaj, Maluma, & Myriam Fares
Although it is not an official song for this Cup, “Tukoh Taka” is an official song for the FIFA Fan Festival. The song compares a woman’s body to soccer by saying “Cuerpito 60-90 (Ah, ah)/ Ella es gol al minuto 90” by saying that she is the goal of that last minute of 90, which could be interpreted as one in a million. It also places an emphasis on the international flavor of the games by incorporating a variety of translations for the term “soccer.”