Colton Vibe – Songs of the Week – Dec. 4


New hip-hop this week is a real year-end treat, featuring from left, Cordae, SZA, Lil Wayne, Autumn!, Brent Faiyaz, and Khalid,

This week was a great week for hip-hop releases. With anticipated tracks by SZA, Khalid, and Cordae, hip-hop heads have nothing but great beats and flows to enjoy over the next week. Myles is here to walk you through all the best tracks of the week.


I Hate U – SZA

On December 2, SZA put out a surprise Tweet, announcing the release of “I Hate U.” For some, this came out of nowhere for some, but for fans, this has been a long awaited track to come to streaming services. The song, which gained popular traction on Tik Tok, started a trend in which people singing to the chorus with text about their exes tried to draw the eye of SZA herself. This prompted the song’s sudden popularity. As a song, “I Hate U” might be bringing people together with its universal break up empowerment lyrics, but underneath the anger is a strong sadness, too as SZA questions what she ever did to deserve all that’s happening to her.


Scenic Drive (feat. Ari Lennox & Smino) – Khalid 

Khalid is back with “Scenic Drive” off his new album of the same name. Smino and Ari Lennox bring their soul-filled nonchalance to the track. The song feels like it should be played on a scenic drive itself with its heavy use of dreamlike bells and chimes that feel like blurring scenery passing by the open passenger side window, cold air hitting you as memories play in your mind’s eye. On “Scenic Drive,” the Khalid we all fell in love with back in 2017 is back and bringing the groove.


MERCEDES – Brent Faiyaz 

What most Brent Faiyaz fans thought was going to be the release of his highly awaited album turned out be only a new single, “MERCEDES.” They sure felt lied to. Although this isn’t the album we expected, “MERCEDES” delivers the soulful Brent we’ve been craving. Faiyaz’s voice is smooth and luxurious, just like the car the song is named after. For all that smoothness, Brent still has a lot of frustration, worried about all the women coming after him to “have his baby.” He’d much rather look for someone who’s into him for him rather than the money and Mercedes. 


One Way! – Autumn!

The longggg awaited song “One Way!” by Autumn! is finally here. The song, which gained wide love on TikTok as Autumn! released several snippets, getting the whole track out there has been a struggle. From Autumn’s pino, melancholy voice to the lyrics and sad undertone of the song, fans have been in a ball and chain. The chorus, which was the main reason many people couldn’t wait for the whole song, has some of the finest lyrics I have heard all year. Autumn’s timing to release this right before the start of winter with “cuffing season” in full effect.


Sinister (feat. Lil Wayne) – Cordae 

Off his hiatus, Cordae just put out this gem of a song featuring arguably the GOAT of our time—Lil Wayne himself. Cordae’s flow can only be described as the track itself, sinister. Cordae details what he’s been up to and learned during the hiatus. Wayne comes in and lays out knowledge and hard-won wisdom to accompany the slick beat. With the visuals showing Cordae and Lil Wayne with the Black Panthers, Cordae continues to show his fight for equal rights amongst the Black community.