Mexico Sending Firefighters to Help Aid Wildfires


Celeste Segura, Reporter

    There have been many fires, one of the primarily big ones currently in Oregon. With the large fire going on, Guanajuato, Mexico has sent over volunteer firefighters to help fight the Oregon wildfires. They call them the ‘Heroic Fire Department of Guanajuato’. According to the Fire Department these men have been trained in Southern Oregon previously. The five volunteers sent to Oregon are; Captain Aldo Ivan Ruiz, Captain Juan Armando Alvarez Villegas, Sargent Jorge Luis Anguian Jasso, Sargent Luis Alfonso Campos Martinez and Miguel Angel Hernandez Lara. All five men arrived with their city’s mayor, Alejandro Navarro. 

    I thought it was very important. Even though Mexico is commonly disliked by a portion of Americans including the current President due to their cultural differences. They didn’t care, they saw that help was needed, and they stepped up and lended a helping hand no matter the potential harm. They showed their bravery and willing to help a country in need of extra aid during difficult times, stepping up is not something that any individual can do and their bravery and aid should be recognized.