Earth’s magnetic pole is moving, should we be worried?

Earth's magnetic pole is moving, should we be worried?

David Sanchez, Reporter

Earth’s magnetic pole is moving, according to LiveScience. Its moving away from the Canadian Arctic and to Siberia. The current model of the magnetic pole that was made in the year 2015 is now suprising outdated. Now geologist have created a new model.

The new model was going to come out on January 15 of this year but, because of the government shutdown, it is now scheduled for January 30. When the new model of the magnetic pole is out it will inform navigation stuff from airplanes to people using their phones for a gps.

This model of the earth’s magnetic pole is supposed to last until 2020 but because of the rapid and surprising sudden move of it, they had to amend it. The earth’s pole moving isnt a new thing it was actually discovered in the 1800s but then it move relatively slow at a p miles a year. Only recently in the 1990s, the movement is now at a whooping 34 miles a year. In 2018 it entered the eastern hemisphere.

The earth’s magnetic pole is due to the liquid iron core in the earth but that aint the only thing that causes the pole it is also due to the magnetic irons in the crust and electric currents in the seawater even all the other things aren’t as big of an impact as the iron in the core.

Due to the weakening of the magnetic pole scientist are afraid something might happen. This something is the north and south poles flipping that sounds crazy and is hard to imagine. The last time the north and south flipped was around 780,000 years ago. The weakening has also lead to a field wobble this can affect electronics. It can also affect where to see the northern light it also affects the best place to see the northern lights.

Scientist are trying to figure out the reason why it is on the move towards siberia.  There are ideas that the jet fuel under canada is affecting it. The north is supposed to be controlled by two patches one under canada and one under siberia and right now, it seems siberia is winning.