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CHS has a haunting history

Jasmine Sotelo, Reporter

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A school is just a place you go to every morning for about six hours a day. You go and then go back home without thinking about it. Don’t you ever wonder how your school’s history even started or even wondered how old it is? Well, Colton High School is one of the oldest schools in our district. According to the Colton High School website, the school met for the first time on September 23, 1895. That’s about 122 years ago. The website also said that the high school shared the same building with the first Lincoln Elementary school. Eventually, in 1904 Colton High School got its own building where the school cafeteria is today. 

I hope your not afraid of haunted places because supposedly our school auditorium is haunted. According to Miguel Cruz, a community writer for Colton City News, around the year 1987, a woman and her baby were murdered by a man when he let her in his home to use his telephone. Then the neighborhood became haunted by a spirit of a lady with her baby causing everyone to eventually move away. According to the article, the government decided to buy the abandoned neighborhood and Colton High School and a school auditorium was built in its place. To this, it is said that when alone you could hear the cries and screams of the spirit of the lady and her baby. I really wonder if this is true or just a story made up throughout the years. There are so much more interesting stories that could be found at Colton High School.


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CHS has a haunting history