“Pay With Lovin” A Great Promotion By McDonalds

Rickey Ramirez, Reporter

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Free food? I’m loving it! Mcdonalds has a new promotion where you can now pay for your food by performing a random act of kindness. This new promotion was aired on the Super Bowl XLIX and has become very popular. Selfies, hugs, and high fives are the new methods of payment for the $96.91 billion dollar corporation, McDonalds.

This company definitely took their “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan to a whole new level. The idea was created with inspiration from the national holiday, Valentines. To show love to the customers McDonalds decided to offer this new method of payment to random customers. The name for this new method of payment is called “Pay with Lovin’.” Now Mcdonald’s employees can ask the paying customer to say or do loving things like complimenting someone or just telling a family member you love them to pay for the food they ordered. This promotion has really shown the Mcdonalds customers how much they care about them.

Customers are showing a great love for this promotion and think the company is doing a very kind thing for the people. This new promotion can also in a sense help us people appreciate each other a little more.

In order to receive their free meal with this kind of payment you have to be chosen at random. Customers are not able to ask for this method of payment unless asked by employee themself.

This is a great promotion offered by Mcdonalds and will not last long. Even if this promotion ends it doesn’t mean we have to stop showing this love for each other. It is important to care for each other and McDonalds has definitely shown that.

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