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Nothing Else Matters but Little Mix’s new album “Glory Days”

Margaret Marin, Reporter

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The UK’s biggest girl group has released yet another album that have both fans and critics pleased. British quartet Little Mix have released their fourth album titled “Glory Days” which features the work of some big names in the music industry, including Grammy award winners MNEK, Meghan Trainor and Grammy Nominated, Charlie Puth.

The album includes a lot of 90s and R&B influences, as well as a lot more mainstream electronic dance and pop influences. ‘Glory Days’ has lots of tricks up it’s sleeves with powerful vocals from all members of the group, doowop-ish effects on specific tracks, compelling harmonies, heartbreaking ballads, an acoustic, and of course the overall message of girl power. Little Mix doesn’t hold anything back in this album, allowing them to earn their first number one album in the UK for 5 non consecutive weeks.

“Glory Days” introduces the first track titled Shout Out to My Ex. The title is obviously is a bit cliche but it works. Shout Out to My Ex is the group’s first single for the Glory Days era and the perfect end of summer song. The tracks name gives away the message of the song and it’s of course has been rumored to specifically be about a certain member’s ex fiancee. Speculation arose after fans analyzed the lyric “took four long years to call it quits” and assumed it was Perrie Edwards ex, who had been dating for two years and engaged for another two until the engagement was called off in August of 2015. Shout Out to My Ex showcases crisp vocal harmonies, prominent guitar riffs, and an up-tempo melody that expresses no regrets after a breakup. The track has allowed Little Mix to gain their fourth number one single in the UK.

Touch is a fun, upbeat, electro dance pop song with a whole lot of repetition produced by MNEK. Touch also happens to be the group’s second single of the album. Oops is a slow melody, doo wop-ish track written and featuring Charlie Puth. Power lives up to it’s track name with powerful lyrics, sassy vocal tones, high notes and even the sounds of a motorbike in the background.

Down and Dirty is a Little Mix fan favorite because of it’s mainstream club vibes and hard vocals. The track does not hold anything back and express the importance of female empowerment. Private Show is a 90s throwback with trumpets in the background. The track has been compared to Christina Milian “Am to Pm”. No More Sad Songs is a personal favorite of mine, with the ironic song title. Although No More Sad Songs has a mellow vibe and catchy lyrics- the track showcases similarities and samples to Mike Posner’s “I Took a Pill in Ibiza”.

Nobody Like You is an R&B ballad with a slow tune with a lot of strong vocals from all four of the members. F.U. sends a message to all the cheaters in the world with a doowop beat and a whole lot of harmonies. Freak starts it’s R&B melody slowing before spreading up to add a bit of dubstep eventually by the chorus. Touch Acoustic is a raw, uncut version of the second track with a lot of piano influences, including a lot of high notes and harmonies.

Other tracks on Glory Days that were not particularly my favorite but are still really good to listen to from time to time are Nothing Else Matters, Your Love, and You Gotta Not. Nothing Else Matters is a pop track that includes a lot of 90s influences. Although the tune of the track is not particularly my favorite, I really do love how well written the track is. The pop ballad includes the message of the importance of friendship. It’s one of those songs that randomly pops inside your head and it’s honestly not a bad thing.

Your Love is another pop ballad that has very poetic lyrics such as “Luxurious loving/ Like Egyptian cotton/ If I ain’t got nothing / Least I got you.” This upbeat ballad repeats ‘Your Love’ (hence the name of the track) and this song reminds me that it belongs on a Disney soundtrack.

You Gotta Not was written by Meghan Trainor, and it of course has a lot of All about that Bass and No influences. The melody includes a whole lot of trumpets, girl power, and cliche lyrics like “Call your momma mommy / You gotta not / Asking her for money / You gotta not” The track is just like a Meghan Trainor song, you can only listen a few times before it’s time to skip.

Glory Days is by far Little Mix’s best pop album. It’s fun, fresh, and features a lot of talent. The ladies of Little Mix have done it again with a new sound and much more mature content. When it comes to listening to this masterpiece, “Nothing Else Matters.’

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Nothing Else Matters but Little Mix’s new album “Glory Days”