Schoolhouse Rock musical teaches as it swings

Desiree Zamora, Reporter

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This year’s Spring Musical selection was School House Rock Live! I was fortunate enough to attend opening night  on Thursday, March 7th in the Whitmer auditorium. The production  was directed by Drama, English, and Music teacher, Janis Aldrich.

The show opened up with the entire cast singing and dancing to “Verb: That’s What’s Happening” together. It was made up of about twenty people with Senior Marco Yanas portraying Tom Mizer as lead. Everyone then sang “Three Is a Magic Number,”  “Mother Necessity,” “Sufferin’ til Suffrage,” and “Unpack Your Adjectives,” all of which the audience seemed to be reminiscent of.

Flying solo, Senior Adrian Fernandez-Ortiz sang “I’m Just a Bill,” which included some frolicking around the stage here and there, with “The Preamble,” sang by Senior Alexandra Razo-Cabrera immdiately following. Marco Yanas sang lead in “Ready Or Not, Here I Come,” which was followed by two songs, “Do the Circulation,” and “Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla,” sang by Junior Damian Brandt-Tubb. I sat in the second row but was still able to hear audience members murmuring the words to themselves and even dancing in their chairs a bit.

Senior Leilani Douglas belted out “Figure Eight,” which was succeeded by the cast singing “A Victim of Gravity” which was done in a pleasant doo-wop style.

Freshman Kevin Jaquez sang lead in “Me Hero, Zero,”  followed by Senior Harrison Parker singing “Conjunction Function.” This was a first for both of them and a last for Harrison Parker, along with the rest of the Seniors.

Leilani Douglas had back-to-back solos:  “Elbow Room” and “Interplanet Janet.” Accordingly, the stage went dark and the cast members pranced around as planets, revolving around Douglas as she sang. She, along with fellow seniors Bella Juarez and Alexandra Razo-Cabrera, took part in “Interjections!” that incorporated some ballet dancing.

Seniors Shatrice Lucas, Stacie Hill, Whitney Hetrick and Nikel Douglas sang lead in a number of songs.

The closing number was “The Tale of Mr. Morton” which was sang by none other than Marco Yanas.

All in all, I was very pleased with the Spring Musical performance and was glad to have attended the last show of the year.

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