Genshin Impact 1.3 Update

David Sanchez

Genshin impact just got a big update on new quest characters and bosses. If you enjoyed this game when it came out but you haven’t played it in awhile I highly recommend going back to it even if just for a week to play the new quest and try the new boss or just waiting for the new events to come out. 


I won’t spoil the new quest but i liked them and they teased a new character that should be playable in the future. Some of the old characters got new voice lines or re-did their voices which is nice to not hear the same things over and over.


The gameplay did not change much but the new character, Xiao does add some variety to what your team comp would be for the end game content. There is just one big problem with the new character. He is a 5 star unit and you are gonna need lots of luck to get that character. Luckily I got him on my first 10 pull and I got to say, he is a really powerful damage unit but he takes time to fully build and upgrade and you need to build a team around him. It’s kinda hard to just throw him into a random team.