Game Review – Persona 5 Scramble


David Sanchez, Reporter

‘Persona 5 Scramble’ has just come out this week for the; Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Nintendo Switch consoles. It’s a sequel to the hit game, ‘Persona 5’. If you liked ‘Persona 5’ you may not necessarily like ‘Persona 5 Scramble’, because the main gameplay has changed quite a bit. 

    The first game was a 100hr long, turn-based roleplaying game mixed with a social simulator where you play as a highschooler – but scramble is not turn-based its a hack and slash around 35hr game. Personally, I loved both games, but I believe that the original game was better just because it has longer playtime and the social simulation was a big part of the first game. 

    Now the actual gameplay. All of the Phantom Thieves from ‘Persona 5’ are in the game and are directly playable in the beginning of the game and, you get one new member right off the bat and one more later on in the game keeping the gameplay fresh for a while. A lot of the personas from the first game were removed but the more memorable ones are still in the game.

    To me, the whole game was extremely fun and refreshing although – it was getting stale towards the end of the game. If you do hate fighting games like ‘Spider Man’ or other games like that this game is not for you because there is a whole lot of fighting that can get repetitive. I played on hard which was actually quite the challenge. It was super hard in the beginning but once you learn how the game works and how the different characters play it is manageable and super fun. I give this game a 8/10.