“Monster Hunter World” Game Review

David Sanchez

         “Monster Hunter World” is an RPG game for the PS4, XBox, and PC. You are thrown into the world of “Monster Hunter” as your own customizable character with two partners, one an adorable cat that helps you take on monsters, and your handler; she is the one who gives you your missions. In the introduction, it gives you a choice of many different weapons like a bow or an axe that changes into a sword that releases elemental explosions. With your new weapon, you are tasked to take on monsters; you can slay them or capture them for the commission. 


            The commission is a research group tasked with studying the Divisor and crazy ecosystem there. The Monster mostly resembles dinosaurs but some are things like dragons that spit fire or poison. Most of them are pretty tough and just look amazing, like the dog ran a red scaly wolf looking monster with two rows of razor sharp claws on each front leg.


         The gameplay mostly is like boss fight after bossfight where you have to perfect your dodging and counter attacks depending on the different monsters you face, giving a more fierce challenge as the game goes on. What’s also very cool is collecting parts of the monster in order to craft tons of different armors and weapons to take on tougher monsters. There is always going to be something to work for in the monster hunter world. 


          You can even craft items out of the plants you find in the environments like potions that restore your health or even a trap that symbolizes the monster for a few seconds so you can damage it. It’s a very tough game at the start with your limited resources, but as the game goes one you get better armor and weapons to face those monsters who were to touch before. If you just play the story and nothing else the game is around 18 hours to beat, though if you participate in the events and side missions you can easily get around 100 hours in just the base game.


        There is a new DLC which adds another half to the game basically doubling the play time and adds tons of new monster and quest. If you ever want a challenging but rewarding game. I would definitely recommend “Monster Hunter World” for you, especially if it’s on sale.