Which Career Do Students Strive For The Most

Valentina Velarde, Reporters

So what careers do students strive for the most? I already covered college majors but,  as a student I want to major in criminal justice, and become a police officer or even a S.W.A.T when I grow older.That’s my little share but what do students want to occupy? Software engineer, a software engineer designs, develops, maintenance, tests, and evaluates computers they make around $98,000 per year. Up next is a data analyst, a data analyst inspects, transforms, and models data with the goal of discovering useful information a data analyst earns somewhere around $65,000 per year.

Then the one occupation I got the most from students was actually a graphic designer, graphic designers create visual concepts, by hand and or using computer software to create ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. Graphic designers earn around $48,000 or more depending on their positions. And the final occupation I got the most was an RN (Registered Nurse) and it’s only entry level is a bachelor’s degree, finally an RN is the largest healthcare occupation there is and it’s actually for a good reason, they take care of patients and offer emotional support and lastly they earn around $67,000 or more.

I believe that the RN occupation is mostly inspired by HEAL, which is a club here at Colton high school and it is to inspire nurses and other health occupations and guess what? Most of the people who wanted to become an RN were mostly HEAL students. The other occupations listed are simply because they love that occupation they are striving to become something they love doing and we can not blame a student for wanting to occupy in something they are amazing at. Here at Colton High School we believe that any student can achieve their dreams just as long as they keep their grades up and actually believe that they can occupy in something they love. So as a student  what can you achieve after high school.