Phages eliminate yersinia enterocolitica from food

Phages eliminate yersinia enterocolitica from food

Rachel Garcia, Reporter

I agree with the article that we should be using phage treatment in routine food production. In the article, it showed how the phage treatment was tested in both food and kitchenware. In the experiment, they focused on the food and kitchen utensils that were the most infected with bacteria on a daily basis. Everyday food products, like milk and raw meat, were infected with Yersinia Enterocolitica and later injected with phage treatment.

The products were monitored for three days and the results were shocking to everyone. The treatment was able to stop the growth of the bacteria but the number of phages grew so it meant that it infects the bacteria while also living in them in a refrigerated place. Knives, cutting boards, and spoons went through the same process as the food products. The results after two hours showed that the phages could stop the bacterial growth. Although others have not conducted this treatment on actual food, they should because in the United States as they already spray raw food products with listeria bacteria growth.

In other places, they don’t need these treatments but they could use the phage treatment as a model or actually use it to treat other serious illnesses that can be transmitted through food or other things. The treatment would be beneficial towards the health of the people who consume the products. Not only will the treatment help the food industry grow even more but it will benefit the consumers. No one should go through food poisoning and if there is a treatment that can prevent it then they should be using it. They should be using this experiment as a model to conduct other experiments to take care of a more serious infection.

Together, if we spread the word and have a desire to have this be a part of our lives then we have to use our voice. Not only will this invention advance our consumption of foods but it will allow humans to live a longer and happier life. Who doesn’t want that right? Let yourself be heard and spread the word!