Exams are coming up and students are freaking out

Rachel Garcia, Reporter

It’s the end of the year and Advanced Placement testing, along with finals is approaching quickly. I know that being a senior can make these two exams extremely difficult to focus on materials. Knowing many teens, they would just get overwhelmed and have a breakdown between studying. Instead of doing that, you should consider spacing out the work over a week period for each class to successfully complete each task.

When you create a calendar and evenly plan ahead of time, you can reduce a vast amount of weight from your shoulders. When I mark and separate each class I am able to focus on multiple subjects in order to study everything that I need to learn. Many teens might say that it is impossible to contain that amount of information but the human brain has it’s amazing ways of doing that. Handle your stress the right way so work smarter not harder. I also think that being organized is also a huge factor as you’re able to find everything that you need when you feel like you’re a mess.

Another key factor into handling stress is to just take a break. Yes it might feel like it’s the most important test of your life but cramming so much information during a short time period won’t help either. I have personally crammed for tests, quizzes and AP tests. Let me tell you, it doesn’t always work in your favor. Sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing for your sake. Sometimes you just have to realize what you can and can’t handle in that amount of time. I believe that balance is the best key to being successful in anything. You have to learn how to balance your life socially and educationally.

           The last resort into handling your school stress is to just take it slow. I know teachers can give loads of studying material for you but you need to just let time take its place. You can’t force your brain to learn two semesters worth of material in one week or one night. Some might be able to but how sufficient would that be?