Humanity’s impact on the environment

Humanity's impact on the environment

Valentina Velarde, Reporter

Are our environmental issues caused by the impact of humanity? Let’s start off with one, our environment is meant to come off as beautiful and safe, but in all reality is any environment truly safe? So what are the issues, for one overpopulation in our environment is not only an issue but this increase is a demand in more resources such as food, fresh water, consumption of natural resources, etc. Overconsumption humans buy more than what they need. Humans buy more clothes, more food, and more toys that can be bought; more than what we need causes an impact.

New technologies may create or facilitate increased pollution, or may mitigate or replace existing polluting activities. Technology is used everyday, constantly; it’s also being made more and more. Irrigation, which is the supply of water to land. Evaporation in the scheme is is increased, the level of water table rises, and the drainage of flow is increased. But have you ever thought what is the scariest reason for these issues in our environment? Well, yes overpopulation is the main reason to this but what about something people do on a daily?

Pollution; pollution is everywhere. From the trash thrown out on the freeway, to the millions of metric tons of pollution pumped into the atmosphere every year, now that’s an impact.

What about global warming? Global warming is arguably the greatest cause of impact to the environment. The largest of causes emanating through CO2 levels from respiration to more detrimental causes like burning fossil fuels and deforestation.

Well, no matter what, humanity will always have an impact on our environment. It’s technically impossible to have the whole world work together to stop these issues, it’s almost 8 billion people on earth, now think about it? What would our earth look like if these harmful things stopped happening to our environment?