Students and teachers should share parking lots


Frankie Delgado, Reporter

Ever since I could drive I noticed that Colton High School is so overprotective with their school parking lot. I think that there shouldn’t be a problem with sharing a parking lot between everyone at the school. We all attend and are members of Colton High school so why shouldn’t we be able to park with each other? I think that there should be a change and students shouldn’t be afraid to have their voices heard.

I have to drive to school at least twenty-five minutes early so that I can get a parking spot on the perimeters of the school. Keep in mind that I live seven minutes away from Colton High School. This should be a surprise to many as the streets become so over packed that I can’t make it into school on time. If the school would allow students to park in the school parking lot then students wouldn’t have to worry about leaving so early or finding a space. The fact that we have to park outside the traffic gets so bad that even if we leave early we still get marked tardy because they don’t keep the gate open or they do tardy sweeps in the morning!

If students and teachers parked in the same parking lot there wouldn’t be a difference in space! Teachers alway get to school earlier than the students to set up their classrooms. If they happened to come late then that would be the teacher’s fault not the students. It is a responsibility to wake up early and be ready for your work as students are ready for their education by getting to school on time. Therefore, if they did share the same lot the blame for no space should never be put on the students it’s the teachers fault for showing up late. Another thing to do if the faculty is so concerned about having no space is to mark their names on the parking spot because teachers get the parking lot by the cafeteria and the one in DC lane all the way from the front of the school to the end.

Teachers have so much room to park that they should try sharing it with students. Whenever I don’t make it to school on time because of traffic I always notice that there are more than ten parking spaces open and students aren’t even allowed to park there. It just isn’t fair for the students and it would really be a great change.