Important tips to help you pass your driver’s test


Frankie Delgado, Reporter

After passing the written test for your driver’s permit, the driver’s test becomes the ultimate stress point. You want to make the least amount of mistakes while also focusing on the road rules. This can be overwhelming for some people as they get nervous that their practor will be mean and old. I know that I thought every practor wanted to fail every person who was taking their test. In reality, they encouraged and wanted the tester to pass it.

Driving is a huge responsibility and opportunity to have at any age. To pass your drivers test you need to make sure that you practice! Like the saying goes “Practice makes perfect” right? At first, I used to make sharp turns, drive slower than the speed limit, and would get nervous at the thought of driving on the road. After driving around the parking lot I noticed that I got comfortable maneuvering the vehicle. I think that the most important part is to take the test when you feel that you are ready. When you feel confident in your driving you will do great no matter what.

Before you actually take your test you should take deep breaths and imagine that you’re driving with a family member. When you’re out on the road you forget that they’re there. Just remember to look over your shoulders, turn on the blinkers, look left to right and left again and stop before the line! These are some of the major marks that testers usually mark when failing a tester. Remember that you should drive the speed limit or under it. The only mistake that I made was driving under the speed limit so don’t be afraid of the motion of the other vehicles throw you off. Obey the posted limit and drive carefully.

Stopping at the side of the street to park and back up is one of the most nerve wracking experiences to think about for many people. It honestly isn’t even a huge thing if you think about it. The things that you need to remember is to turn on your signal to let the other drivers know that you’re pulling over. After that, look at your right and middle mirror while also looking back to make sure that you don’t hit anything. Backing up shouldn’t be a problem, if you show that you’re checking your blind spots before backing up. Other than that you will be fine!