Listening to music while working can help “meditate the mind”

Frankie Delgado, Reporter

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I know many people dislike the idea of having music playing while they do work. However, I have seen that putting on music as background noise rather than actually listening to it has helped me do my work. I have found that putting on music that you like but, not that much does the trick. This allows you to be focused on your work rather than zoning out and vibing with the song. I find that music is relaxing to the mind as it motivates you to do your work. When people are familiar with things they tend to do it which makes sense.

I know that when I’m in class I rather have my earphones in instead of listening to other people’s conversations. The music helps meditate the mind to focus on the work since a study done by The University of Wales shows that listening to music while studying can improve memory, attention and your ability to do mental math, as well as lessen depression and anxiety. Music is just another way to express yourself as there are many sings that can relate to your feelings. When you express how you feel to others you feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders and music does the same thing. Music also stimulates different regions of the brain that is responsible for memory, motor control, and language. So basically you can activate different parts of the brain depending on what music you listen to.
Overall music helps the brain to focus as it stimulates different regions of the brain. It can improve memory and can reduce mistakes that you make when you do your work. I suggest that if you’re having a difficult time concentrating or getting something started then you should throw on a pair of headphones and listen to music. If you’re a student who can be easily distracted then I suggest that you stay away from loud and harsh lyric music as you will find it hard to take a test in a silent environment. It will also lead you to remember less information as the lyrics have overpowered the work. If you can multitask like me then doing music and work will definitely help.

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