Don’t give up hope if you’re waitlisted

Rachel Garcia, Reporter

As March hit, Seniors around the world have been dying to find out whether or not they got admission into the schools that they applied to. While some students jumped up and down with joy, others were confused. When they checked their portal, it’s a huge surprise when the school doesn’t offer you admission nor rejects you. At this point, they waitlist you and say that if they have a spot for you, they’ll totally talk to you first. Being waitlisted shouldn’t be taken as you were not good enough it’s just that a huge amount of people applied and you have to wait until someone doesn’t go to that school.

If you really want to go to the school that waitlisted you, you need to definitely keep communication as much as possible. This lets the admissions office see that you’re dedicated to working your way to be accepted. The effort is definitely recognized if you write an appeal or letter to show that you would definitely attend the college if you were to be accepted. Follow up with your waitlist letter and request to have another interview to talk more about your accomplishments to show that you are fit to attend. Another tip is too not slip up for the rest of your senior year. You have to show that you’re able to continue to work hard that will reflect your work ethic in college.

If other schools have accepted you and they aren’t your number one school,  you should choose your back up school and put down an early deposit to have a spot there still. This allows you to wait out the waitlist while still having a spot at another school. If you’re number one school ends up accepting you then you just tell the other school that you wish to no longer attend. The only thing that you’ll lose is a hundred or so dollars for the deposit, however, some schools do give it back so you never really know how your situation will work out. If you don’t get admission then it’s best that you continue your education somewhere else instead of taking a year off and applying again a year later. This shows that you didn’t put in more effort to prove the school wrong into not accepting you. Waitlisted is nothing to be sad about, just transfer to your school in two years.