College students say ‘goodbye’ to their summer as they take courses over the break

Frankie Delgado, Reporter

The transition from high school to college can be very difficult to handle for any student. If you decide to major in a difficult field then it’s obvious that you’ll take hard classes that will need your full attention. This will require you to take classes during the summer in order for you to fully understand the concepts and lessons that your professor may or may not teach. I say this because some professors will leave you on your own to learn certain lessons through the book or online. I want to stress that taking classes during the summer is not bad at all. It helps you in a variety of ways from helping you with mental health, allowing you to actually grasp the information and saves you money.

Taking classes during the summer helps you with your mental health by allowing you to handle a difficult class with your full attention. If you take an abundance of difficult classes at once during the semester then you will for sure overwork yourself. I can tell you that you’ll most definitely be drained and stressed out because you’ll be overwhelmed with all of the work and studying from all the classes. This can be a lot to handle from high school when you got a few assignments for different classes to have to read as much as five different books for each class in college.

When college students take classes during the summer they can actually save money by taking the classes at a community college. Everyone wants to save money so why not just go to a community college where the class will most likely be easier than a university class. When you prioritize a hard class like organic chemistry then you will for sure pass it since you only have to worry about that one class. I think that college is all about balancing school, social life, work, and mental health. Many students drop out of college because they don’t know how to balance everything out and taking summer classes is just one more step into balancing your life.