Groundhog Day comes early

Groundhog Day comes early

Priscilla Gonzales, Reporter

 Good news, Colton High School, we will be receiving an early spring here in 2019. Groundhog Day was February 2, 2019. This is the holiday where special groundhogs decide if we will have an early spring or long winter by their shadow.

However this year, the groundhog that was used to determine this, did not see his shadow. Meaning that we are in for an early spring. So be ready to see green, flowers, and rain showers. This can really benefit Colton by helping us grow and show more beauty in our community. With the new regulation around Colton with water shortage, home owners have to go by their schedule to water their lawn however with the spring rain coming up, this can help a lot more.

Many meteorologists may disagree with the way we tell the seasons especially if we are trusting an animal with the answer; however, we will always find out in the end.

Colton High School sophomore, Gabriela Lechuga, had a lot to say about the announcement about this early spring. To start off, Lechuga had to say that she is very pleased with having an early and beautiful spring. She mentioned that this can really brighten up Colton streets and make them seem prettier and more presentable. “I really believe Colton needs rain to clean things up here,” Lechuga believes rain can fix everything.

After hearing Lechuga’s point of view, it made me realize that she had a great point. This is really beneficial for several reasons. And yes it could mean less time outside but we need this rain. We have all the time to go outside for summer so let’s take advantage of this early spring while we can.

Getting back into Groundhog day, the legend is that if the groundhog sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. So, February is the midway point of winter. There are all sorts of groundhogs that do this, however the one that was trusted this year was named Phil.