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Creating a path to success after high school

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Creating a path to success after high school

Rachel Garcia, Reporter

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As a teenager in high school, it has opened up my eyes to see the bigger picture of what I want to accomplish or even how I would want to achieve it. I have learned that in order to accomplish the goals I have set up for myself in the future I will need to look for qualities for my career and family. Figuring these out will help me decide whether or not I’m heading in the right path that I want for myself and family. As I become older I’ll be able to thank myself for looking ahead into the future to help me through the steps to achieve my goals.

At this point in time, I’m searching to become something in the medical field, like say a general surgeon, neurosurgeon, plastics, or nurse. I’ve always been passionate about people who get to help others with their needs and how they see the patients progress to become better or worse. For my career I want it to be something that I don’t think of it as a burden; instead, I would want to think about it as a happy place. I would like to be in the medical field because something new happens every day and you’re not just sitting at a desk scrolling through stacks of papers and taking naps. I’ll be happy and will be thankful that I have a job that I love. I wouldn’t even have to consider it work because I’m helping all these people become better than what they were before.

Along the lines of a family, I need to be financially stable and mentally stable to bring such a gift to earth. I would want to raise my children how my mother raised me, by having respect towards others and to not judge people and all the good things that make you a better person. I want my kids to be better than I am by having high goals that they will achieve one by one to see their face light up with joy. I basically want my kids to find themselves throughout their journeys and be a good person as well. Most importantly, I need them to be happy in life in what they choose to do at that time.

From this, we see that there are many qualities to look into for many things in life ahead of you. I hope that these qualities in all the categories push me towards the path to my own success and happiness. I hope to graduate high school and get accepted into my dream university to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor. I also hope to have a healthy happy family that I will love and nourish.  


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Creating a path to success after high school