Will Black Friday be worth it next year?

Rachel Garcia, Reporter

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Black Friday always occurs after Thanksgiving. People risk the time to spend with their families at home by staying overnight outside of stores for days and weeks before the actual day comes. They do this in order to be the first person to get the items they want for the price that is given; which is fairly cheap. November is one of the coldest months of the year and with the weather that has been occurring right now, it’s predictable that the nights leading up to the big day is going to be unbelievingly freezing. It’s crazy how much people are willing to risk like their health, valuable time with family, and potential body injuries just for some deals.

We hear all the time that objects are not valuable in the future. The same applies to this situation as when someone gets what they want, they tend to forget why they were so ecstatic to get it in the first place as it means nothing to them now. This happens all the time so why waste your family time over an object that you’ll forget after having it for a few months. The items can always be bought at any time however time with your family is irreplaceable. The idea of camping out for some items will drive people crazy which tends to cause chaos in the stores as everyone is fighting to get what they want. Everyone has heard of so many people dying from the stampede of people rushing to get into the store.

It makes no sense to go through all of this when you’re able to purchase the same items online three days later on Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday allows the same deals to occur however for some reason people just like the idea of being able to stay in a store all night in order to get what they want. The controversy with Cyber Monday is that there are limited items, the reality is that in stores it’s also limited items. You’re able to order things in the comfort of your home on a Monday which leaves you time to spend with your family.


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