Students need to be more involved with extracurriculars

Valentina Velarde, Reporter

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Why are extracurricular activities so important and why should students become more involved? Especially since you are enrolled in school one benefit of those who are involved in an extracurricular activity is that believe it or not colleges may look at what you are involved in and it’s mainly a sport. Being involved in these activities can also help you grow social skills, social skills can help you interact throughout your lifetime and that plays a huge role in your life especially when it comes to finding jobs. Displaying good manners and discussing your personal needs are all huge factors while developing social skills.

From experience joining the basketball team has made my academic performance improve, a high self-esteem, social opportunities, and also helped me with essential life skills. Before this, I had no goal and had no courage to improve my academic performances. I didn’t know teamwork and did not have any goals set for myself as I stated before.

Some popular extracurricular activities would be for one sports Football, Basketball, Baseball, ect. The student newspaper, Art, and many types of activities your school might have. Now Being more involved with your school’s extracurricular activities may help you a lot physically and mentally. But here are the downsides of being in extracurricular activities, most clubs or sports have very high costs on certain things that may be needed for those sports or clubs.

But the good thing is sports and clubs give you opportunities to pay off those costs such as fundraisers. And a huge issue is the time, sports and clubs in school cost of you a lot of time after practice or a meeting how are you supposed to have time to finish your work, especially if it takes hours. But that is why we make time if you are a student who is strongly considering joining a sport or any type of club most would say do it! Make your experiences in high school and in college, fun give it a try and maybe you will receive huge opportunities, try and maybe you won’t regret it.

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