Should the Government allow the death penalty in all states?

Valentina Velarde, Reporter

There have been approximately 2,591 death sentences in 53 countries in 2017 and the numbers have decreased from 2016 which was 3,117. There is not any known number yet for this year. But the one issue since 1973 there has been 144 people who were wrongfully executed and were accused of a crime they did not commit. The execution methods they have been beheading, shooting, hanging, and lethal injection. But the real point is should end the death penalty?

Some people make mistakes and they know it was a mistake it’s irreversible to change this. But some people are sick and know what they did is wrong and take it as an accomplishment. Sometimes prisoners are executed for a ridiculous reason and some say it tweaks with the justice system. In Iran and they sentence those who are political opponents to death. And another big reason discrimination whether is a less socioeconomic background, religion, or the biggest reason race. The percentage of African Americans who were sentenced to death is 36% and those who are not African American is the rate of 20%.

And finally, the reasons why the death penalty should be allowed in every country according to some is some people have done the most horrific things even the unthinkable it’s really sick if they did the crime they should do the time. The source quotes in “we can’t take back death, we know that systems make mistakes and we are lucky enough to live in a country where the majority of people oppose this cruel punishment. There are so many reasons why the death penalty should be around it keeps us safer but everyone has their opinion and it gives justice to the victim’s families. If the act was so cruel the prisoner needs to be sentenced to capital punishment. Sometimes people don’t learn their lesson in prison and might commit the same crime once they come out. But how do you feel about the death penalty?