Seniors are catching ‘Senioritis’ too early in the school year

Rachel Garcia, Reporter

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Seniors should not take their senior year easy in terms of classes at all. When students realize that it’s their last year in high school all that they want to do is pass their classes with a “C” grade and call it a day. With this method, you’re just one test away from getting a “D” and failing a class. In terms of colleges, they usually don’t look at your senior grades because they aren’t completed once they accept you. However, by the time that it is next fall and they see how your senior year went, the school can cancel your admission and leave you with nothing. What would be your backup plan then? You would have none since you thought you’re future was set already.

Taking advance placement shows a huge work ethic as you are seen to handle multiple “college level” classes at once. Once students enter twelfth grade they just want to take the year easy and relax. Although this is the wish of many students, it can show a bad reflection of who you are to schools. To them, it shows that you only did the work to look good on college applications. It also shows that you aren’t willing to commit into taking more classes or harder classes which can portray to them as you doing the same in their school which is what no one wants.

Senior year is the year that you have to prove to yourself and other schools that you want to continue to be a challenge compared to the other kids at your school. You should want to stand out and show that you are capable of having the same work ethic as you did in ninth grade all the way to your last year of school. You’re graded matter and will always continue to matter as long as you’re enrolled in a school. Seniors should try their hardest to pass all of their classes with good grades so that they don’t have to worry about not graduating or getting accepted into a school. If you’re able to pass all of your classes without failing till twelfth grade, you can do it one more year. How much effort that you put into your work is a reflection of who you are and what you are able to accomplish as a high school student. Seniors shouldn’t let senioritis get the best of them once they get an acceptance letter from a school because remember, it can always be taken back.


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