Population control will effect the younger generations

Valentina Velarde, Reporter

Do you see the population getting smaller or even bigger? Let’s see if you’ll believe in Population Control. Population control is intentionally managing the rate of growth by simply limiting the numbers. Whether it’s limiting the numbers of humans or even animals whatever type of other species we have in this world, why would one do this?

There are approximately more than 7 billion people on this earth, now the question is: how many people can this earth hold?

With population control, there are many things you can do with this either reducing the population or even increasing it. Some examples of reducing would be Abortions, family planning, sterilization, ect. Some examples of increasing higher taxation of married couples, tax breaks, and loosening of immigration restrictions. There are many theories and a lot of dark things behind population control, Many believe this is a tool of the rich. Countries like China, Russia, India, Iran, Pakistan, and many more have population control and its about one and two child policies meaning they cannot have more than two kids they suffer from many more problems but that may be the main one. Let me ask you a question do you believe we are overpopulating?

Sources say that overpopulation is already occurring at the moment, the world is holding 7 billion humans. In 2050, the earth will be holding around 9.7 billion humans and by 2100, 11.2 billion humans and according to one source the earth can only support 10 billion people. So does population control need to be taken more serious and should be used more? Now thinking of it what would happen if we overpopulate? We would just need to sit back and watch.